This is my first attempt at achieving one night projects with a theme for duration of a calendar month, this months theme is Jan-Anime.

As an awkward teen i watched a lot of anime, whatever i could get my hands on, first film i saw was Wicked City and then Akira, at this point i was hooked, i shared my VHS gold with a friend of mine who didn't get out and about much, due to a long standing medical condition. A year later that same friend won a competition to visit the Manga Entertainment offices in Hammersmith (London), It was mind blowing. We were given a sack each of Manga goodies, animation cells from Akira, videos, statues and so many other cool bits and pieces, my friend was even given a Manga branded bomber jacket (bless the 90's).

So this is my series of one night projects which celebrate all things Anime. Enjoy.

Howls Moving Castle

Appleseed Alpha


Jin-Roh the Wolf Brigade

Patlabor Mobile Police

Giant Robo

Tetsujin 28 Go!



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