Sunday, 20 December 2015

The First Order

I wanted to post this on here today after seeing the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens, this piece was made for Red Central as a celebration and outlet for the excitement of my fellow designers over this highly anticipated movie.

After seeing the film i am so glad i chose the First Order Troopers as the topic of my piece, these guys are bad ass and unrelenting. As a kids i always loved the stormtroopers of old and so it was like a moth to a flame that i would focus my attention on the new troopers.

I am happy with my piece and you should check out the other amazingly talented illustrators offerings over here.


The Wild Ones

At the end of 2014 I was asked to work up a couple of collectors prints for metal group Black Veil Brides. The colab was going to be between Red Central (my place of employment) and Mercenary Management (the bands management). And we were going to get the band to sign a limited edition of each design and sell them through the bands web site. As with most things the wheels turned so slowly that the band pretty much finished their tour before we had any word back either way. So these are what the fans could have had. I enjoyed making them, its a pity they never got out there.

Poster One

Poster Two

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Dead Flowers X Secret 7's Concept

This is my respond to this years Secret 7's brief. I chose Rolling stones's 'Dead Flowers' i liked the visual continuations that came with the title. This concept never made it to judging due to work requirements meant i had to put this on the back burner, until sadly the deadline passed. So i recently finished the piece just for my own sanity, I decided to add the bands name to the piece due to the fact it no longer need to comply with the rules set by Secret 7's.

I enjoyed finishing this i hope you like the end result.

More after the break

No Fate

This is a tribute to one of the most bad ass robots in the history of sic fi cinema, the Terminator. Ever since i was a kid i saw the films, collected the comics and played with the toys (all of which are inappropriate for kids, but hey it was the 80's).

I was inspired after watching T2 to work up a quick illustration as a tribute, to Stan Winston (the original creator) and to my childhood.

The Snow Child

This is the publicity image for Butterfly Psyche's new winter show "the Snow Child". I had a lot of fun illustrating this image. And I love seeing this all around my home city.


this is half of a daft punk doodle I've been working on (more to come)

Saturday, 13 June 2015


Recently had the joy of customising a kids storm trooper half mask for a instillation project at work (red central). I have seen lots of projects based on star wars helmets (vader project, project fett and the 501st legion) and was overwhelmed by the vast variety of customisations already out there so coming up with something different was a challenge. In the end i was inspired at home, I own a lot of tribal masks from around the world and felt this would be a good route. The entire build was an materials experiment from the get go, i used EVA foam, first time ever, mixed with hot glue and milliput this became a bit of a mission. I have listed the steps after the break.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Only The Mad Survive!

This is my tribute to the most balls out-mental-eyeball-assault of a movie i have seen in a long time! I was lucky enough to see this film in a private screening with my colleagues thank to the generosity of my employers. This tribute was conceived as part of Red Gallery, a showcase for the artist that work for Red Central (more projects to follow). I came up with this concept after seeing the first trailer which inspired me and since seeing the movie I feel this poster really captured the essence of the "War Boys"motor/viking inspired belief system that played throughout the movie.

It was fun project to work on.

Original Version

Alternative colourways

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Big Hero Six Tribute

This was just a quick piece i was inspired to make after seeing Disney's Big Hero Six. I loved the characters and the story, I felt the relationships were well fleshed out along with the loveable Baymax. I watched it with my son who absolutely loved this film, and so was compelled to create.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Coming Soon

here is a little sneaky peak of an upcoming print. Stay tuned for more details.