One Night Project No3: Judge Mungo

I have recently seen loads of 2000AD artwork all over the place and it got me thinking of a time almost 30years ago when i was setting up skittles (for my American friends that's a type of British bowling) with a friend, at a social function my family attended. I was going to get paid a heady £5 for my efforts, but while i was at the back of the skittle ally i found several boxes of 2000AD comics just sat there, they were going to be thrown out so they came home with me instead. I think it took over a month to work my way through them. Loved the characters and the story lines, honestly i didn't understand all the subtle social commentary of 80's Britain or get the more adult content, but i loved the artwork. The dark judges were always my favorites and Dredd was awesome, Strontium Dog, ABC Warriors and Rouge Trooper, all captured my imagination as a child.

This is a one night project, I wanted to make a T shirt / Sticker design i could use for personal promotion, and also it was a chance to try new textures (always learning).


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