Recently had the joy of customising a kids storm trooper half mask for a instillation project at work (red central). I have seen lots of projects based on star wars helmets (vader project, project fett and the 501st legion) and was overwhelmed by the vast variety of customisations already out there so coming up with something different was a challenge. In the end i was inspired at home, I own a lot of tribal masks from around the world and felt this would be a good route. The entire build was an materials experiment from the get go, i used EVA foam, first time ever, mixed with hot glue and milliput this became a bit of a mission. I have listed the steps after the break.

Original mask with cut foam blanks

Foam carved with a dremmel attached with hot glue.
More detail added and numbered to help stupid mistakes from not happening. 
Tusks made from foam sandwiches and sanded down to points.

Milliput added and sculpted into a nose and upper lip

more detail sculpted  
Felt it needed more definition so added a bottom lip
more detail added to the jowls

Primed (my favourite part of every build) 
Base coat

Another dusting of gloss black and the rest you know

To see more of these head over to Red Central (link)

Thanks for looking!


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