Summer of the Seventeenth Doll Theatrical Poster

This is the last poster i will produce for Core Theatre Productions. On a personal note this isn't my finest, but certainly the hardest i have had to work on. The final images the directors request, the earlier images (see below) were the initial direction until i figured that you cannot make Kewpie Dolls not look creepy! the show is about broken relationships and how the party ends eventually, but the direction i went is more down the serial killer/horror route (obviously wrong).

Everyone was happy with the final image, but i wished i did something better (hindsight is a powerful thing).

the final poster

My personal preferenc

Oh dear god no!

may have been under the influence?


  1. Thanks for a look into your process. It's great to see the vast difference. I am a drama teacher and would love to use these as examples of poster design process. Is this okay? (I personally prefer the second bag one).


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