Shaun in the City Concepts

As some may know, Aardman and The Wallace & Gromit Grand appeal had a call out to all artist for another sculpture trail in 2015 in London & Bristol. So after the success of 'Gromit Unleashed' i thought i would throw my hat in the ring for another chance to work on another gist claymation character for charity.

Sadly it was not to be, none of my designs or the designs of my colleagues made it through to be used. And so i will give you a look at my small contribution.

As we all know Aardman love puns, and so they were put to good use in my designs.

This was a salute to 2015 chinese year of the sheep, and i thought these would look awesome in miniature on display in the cribs causeway store, a whole terracotta army of Shaun's.

They were fun to design, a pity they didn't make the flock.


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