The Alarm Declaration 30th Anniversary Album Cover

I was lucky enough to be asked by Mike Peters of 'The Alarm' to re-design the album cover of 'Declarlation' for their 30th aniversary tour this year. Below is the fruit of my labour plus some extra graphics to be used on the tour.

This is what Mike Peters had to say about the album cover.

The album's artwork has even had a major overhaul and is no less impressive. "I met a young designer named Daniel Shearn who has done some sterling work in graphics for film and theatre companies I was aware of, and commissioned him to redraw a new Declaration sleeve. I was not expecting the vision he brought to the project. As soon as I saw what Daniel had done, I could see instantly that he had kept the integrity of the original and added to it. It totally works with the new album, yet still reflects the spirit of the original most beautifully".


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