80's Lego Part 2

I had no idea how popular these illustrations were going to be, so after seeing the general response I have made a few more. Still short of the 80 illustrations but I am getting there.

I hope you like.

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  1. Hi ! First of all, a great, a fantastic year 2014 to you. 2014 will be the year of the second volume of Geek-Art an Anthology in French, and if everything goes well the year of the English edition of Geek-Art an Anthology volume one. It would be an honor to count a selection of your work in the pages of this volume 2, after the success of the first edition in France and in French speaking countries.

    Could you maybe consider being part of the next chapter ?

    The pages dedicated to your work would include your contact info, websites, portfolio, and your art would be part of a main event in the pop culture edition.

    Thanks a lot for your answer, don't hesitate to get back to me with any question.

    Geek-Art is growing bigger and bigger, and counting your work in this book would be great !

    PS : for a better idea of what the book looks like, please type "geek-art une anthologie" in Google images !


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