Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead!

This week is the opening week of Tom Stoppard's  'Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead' This is the third show this year my Theatre Company has produced & preformed. I am very proud of all that are involved they have put together an extraordinary show.

In my usual roll as creative director i was tasked with the publicity, so this is the result a very simple poster for a very complex story.

The directors brief was to create a poster that did not concentrate on the ambiguous death of the title characters, for which i had lots of ideas. So the concept of a modern typographic approach using the Dutch Krona coin (the play is set between acts of Hamlet). Coins are tossed 99 times in the story and always come up heads which leads the characters that they are no longer in control of their own fate, until the end of act two when it lands tails.

The idea was to portray the duality of life the 'Ying & Yang' of existence by using such an everyday item, the coin. This poster was designed to be tiled for greater impact, the banner shows the complete design well.


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