Farewell Gromit, it has been emotional.

On Thursday 3rd October 2013, all of the Gromits from the Gromit Unleashed project was sold at auction. The auction was streamed live around the world and bidders from around the globe bided feverishly for  over 4 hours in the chance to own one of these remarkable pieces of art. All of which was in aid of Bristol's Children's Hospital. The charity behind this endeavour hoped to hit the £1million mark, but instead far surpassed that figure, in the end the auction brought in £2.3 million which was 2/3 of the grand project total.

I was lucky enough to have two Gromits for sale at the auction. I watched the auction from the comfort of my living room and was quickly caught up in the excitement as Gromit after Gromit was selling for tens of thousands. In the end both of my Gromits went £26.000 each, so in total they raised £52.000 for the children's hospital.


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