San Diego Comic Con 2013

Thats right people I was lucky enough to get sent to the fair city of San Diego to the Mecca of nerds & geeks. Due to hard work I was told earlier this year that the company i work for (Red Central) will send me and a colleague (Chad) all expenses paid to Comic Con. I have kept this quiet for 6 months, and now i am recapping on the experience that is Comic Con.

Please understand that i thought this would be one of those things that i would only see on the internet, so to be given the chance to go was amazing. This was my first time and i can say I will go back again, but this time with my family. Below are the highlights to my pilgrimage, for all the photos please go to 'Mungo's San Diego Comic Con Adventure' There is just too much to show here.

Chad & Myself with some arc troopers 
Good to see such a strong Adventure Time presence. 
The Captains chair has never been so filled. 
Giant Teen Titans Go! inflatables  
Amazing Lego Hobbit hole, completely made from standard lego bricks

Lego Dwarves

Deadpool checking out his new kicks, such a strong marvel presence, especially the number of deadpools that were on show.

Chad was interviewed for the Walking Dead Stand (one of them)  
Awesome zombie killing machine! 
Proud to see my Man of Steel artwork for sale.

awesome lego turtles.

The amazing Assassins Creed Black Flag experience.

talk shit and get chinned!

Outside the Godzilla experience, epic paint job.

Epic paste up

This was funny, for some reason religious groups picket the comic con. No one seems to know why, but as the week goes on more of these nutters come out of the woodwork. By saturday night the entrance to the Gas Lamp District was full of placards and wooden crucifixes, it looked like the passion of Dr Who.

This robot is amazing, check it out HERE 
Massive Silver Samurai, looks great in the flesh.

Finally got to see my work at the DC Gallery.

Met the legendary Olly Moss. This man is an inspiration.

More Walking Dead aftermath. 
The cast of Kick Ass 2

The closes I will ever get to the real iron throne. Game of Thrones had an amazing presence even though they had nothing new to show.

Love this logo & love this bar. 
Waitress wearing one of my designs 
Saturday night at the Gas Lamp district. 
The real life Mater for Disney Pixar's Cars.
If you ever get the chance, or have thought 'I would love to go, but cant afford it', save and go! It is an amazing experience that does not disappoint.

Thanks for looking.


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