"Do or do not, there is no try!"

As the geeks and nerds was well aware that the saturday just past was May the 4th, or as it is known by bucket heads and bathrobe fan boys, Star Wars day.

This year a small group of us led by our fearless rebel leader Andy Richmond of 'The Ninth Art', curated a pop up shop for one day only in the fair city of Bath (UK). Myself Red 4 (aka Porkin's) and the talented Wynn Ryder (Han), the equally talented Mark Pearce (Wedge Antilles), and the ever crafty Tweeny (Leia), flanked by Boba Fett & trooper TK-421.

This rag tag group of villainous / rebel scum managed to get together a decent amount of original artwork and geeky craft to sell to the general public in celebration of Star Wars.

This is a selection of work for sale. The bowling pin, vinyl toy, helmet & Darth Maul print are works of mine.

Boba Fett by Wynn Ryder

A great selection of one off art by Wynn Ryder, spot the elephant in the room.

A selection of art from Wynn Ryder & Andy Richmond.

My R2-Warhol cans. cute little 3x3 inch framed prints, some were given away to encourage custom.

yes your eyes do not deceive you, these guys were actually outside promoting us.

Searching for rebel scum in the heart of Bath.

its not all work, work, work. 
Its about hearts & minds.

A close up of my art. 
The adorable 'Chewtoro', probably my quickest vinyl toy mod ever, and he went to a very good home.

Darth Mungo signing off.


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