Kevin Brown Identity

This was one of those jobs that came out of nowhere. The word of mouth machine working overtime.

Kevin is a very talented blues slide guitarist, in fact he is one of the best in the world but he has no idea on how to sell himself (like most creatives). He told me he loved 50's modernist design, so taking that as my starting point i came up with some very simple logo designs for him to get things moving, he didn't like any of them (see below)

Undeterred by this swing & miss, I sent over a series of designs on how i saw his identity in the world of blues (see below).

He hated this route with a fiery passion, this so wasn't him. Well I can say im a little confused, so he directs me to some inspiration on line... which looks just like my first route. Well after a lot of tinkering and type variations & 40 logos later we ended back to the very first logo i sketched out for him in our first meeting.

Lesson: trust your first instinct because these tend to be the right choice.


  1. These are very cool. What is the name of the font in the top image, second from the bottom, on the right. With the grey background?


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