Happy New Year... (Except for poor sad Frank)

Happy new year my freaky darlings, I hope all have had a great holiday break & stomach churning hang overs from NYE.

Last year was very busy indeed and just seemed to ramp up closer to the break. I say break in the looses term I was still doing freelance over the festive season. One of the jobs was some illustrated labels for a new product (more details at a later date). Sad Frank (see below), named by my four year old son is one of my new creations for said labels. I don't get to do much in the way of character design but I think this year that may have to change.

So... 2012 was an interesting year, my freelance has gained momentum, worked on many interesting projects from logos to book design, and that doesn't look like stopping anytime soon. Professionally I have worked with many great licenses and have been involved with a summer blockbuster. Had the opportunity to travel to Los Angles last september to work with Mattel. Had an art piece selected by Warner Bros & DC Comics to be involved with their 'Darkness & Light' gallery world tour, which will be moving around for two years.

So what will 2013 bring?

It looks like more cool work, a collaboration exhibition, comic con, maybe a little Wallace & Gromit action in the fair city of Bristol. So watch this space!



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