Lightness & Dark DC Gallery

I am very proud to be part of Warner Bros / DC Comics travelling art exhibition, and even happier to find out it was at Comicon this year. My work is being shown with lots of great comic artist but most of all it is being shown next to comic god Jim Lee. The exhibition will be traveling around the world for two years to raise money for Warner Bros / DC Comics charity project 'We Can Be Heroes' to help eradicate hunger from the horn of Africa.

I am also happy to say a few of my friend have also had work display in this exhibition, and we were all invited to the opening night, but its a bit of a trek from the UK. It is amazing to be involved in such a great project.

Excuse the poor quality of the photos they have been taken from another source
The Batman (Black & Yellow) designed by Bryn Owens.

Bane! designed by Chad Woodward.

You can see my contribution on the far right.

Detailed version


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