Bond in Motion

I recently took my big brother to the Bond in Motion exhibition at Beaulieu (nr Southampton). It was a very interesting day, especially if like my brother you grew up with the Bond movies.

When I was a baby, apparently I threw up in his toy Austin Martin DB9, the one from gold finger. Till this day he still hasnt let it go, so i thought it would be cool to get him next to the actual car. He was well stoked.

Below are some of the vehicles on display.

The speedboat from the World Is Not Enough

The land speed vehicle from Die Another Day

A selection of fine vehicles

Thunder Ball jet pack (want one)

Little Nelly from You Only Live Twice

Lotus in underwater mode

A selection of Austin Martins

The Vanish

The Austin Martin DB9 which I didnt vomit in

Lots of props and models from the films

Model Submarine
The event is on all year and well worth seeing, if you love a bit of Bond I can recommend it.


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