In a galaxy far far away...

Before moving to pastures new I was lucky enough to work on the Star Wars brand for Half Moon Bay. I have been banging on for five years to the managing director that we should make Star Wars giftware, he finally gave in about a month before I left his employ.

I would loved to have seen the project through to the end, but in the words of Jagger "You can't always get what you want, but you get what you need". I felt the final product felt watered down from what I pitched, I wanted the merchandise to feel like you just seen the films for the first time back in the 70's and you rushed out to get the mug or bag, I wanted the product to feel more vintage, worn and loved. What we get is something else, something safe and clinical as these pictures will show, but hey i still got to work with the license and the tinned mugs remained unscathed so not all bad.

All images are property of Lucas Arts & Half Moon Bay 2011


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