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Through my place of work i have recently been given the chance to create some work for the Warner Bros Gallery Project. The brief was simple: create anything based on the DC Comics universe, just be respectful of the property (so no Mickey Mouse shenanigans on this project). I instantly jumped at doing a Batman piece (as did most of my colleagues) but what can you do that's new with a property that has been around for 75 years or so? I decided you cant! So I designed something I thought was cool and hope that was enough.

The piece is called Unrequited Love

Batman & Catwoman
Harley Quinn & The Joker

How the finished print looks
 The 'Unrequited Love' comes from the need of one wanting the other more than they are wanted, never truer than Batman & Catwoman, but also true of Harley Quinn & The Joker. Harley dreams of a "normal" life with the Joker, but how to kill the bat is all that the Joker thinks about. Catwoman loves Bruce Wayne but doesn't care much for Batman, and so a love hate relationship is all they will ever have.

The next piece was an additional idea of having the heroines os the DC universe illustrated in the style of Alfonse Mucha. So far I have only developed the Wonder Woman print, but i will be developing Supergirl & Batgirl as part of a triptych in the near future.


All work ©2012 Warner Bros SS12


  1. There brash and bold, great colors!

  2. I'd pick Death from The Sandman.

    Maybe styled on the death outfit from Durer's "Knight,Death, and the Devil", with the snakes and crown and hourglass, only pretty instead, or maybe somewhat menacing like the green precious stone girl from Mucha.

  3. I seriously LOVE this WW print and would love to be able to buy it! All your work is amazing.

    1. Hi, I do have a couple of A3 pearl essence copies left on 400gsm card stock if you wish to purchase, its £20 +p&p.


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