The Crucible

The next production from Core Theatre Productions is being rehearsed as you read this. My talented girlfriend has taken the helm of Arthur Miller's The Crucible. So when my girlfriend directs it means I design.

This was a really hard poster to start, I mean where to begin? how do i do something different but keep the main elements that have been used in so many posters? In the end I wanted to tell the story visually rather than just show one aspect of Miller's play.

So this is the finished poster.

The missus likes it so i'm happy!


  1. Hi Dan! I really like this cover art for The Crucible. I think it captures the tone perfectly. May I use it for my high school's upcoming production? If you aren't comfortable allowing another theatre group to use your art, I completely understand. But, again, I really like it and I think it would capture my students' attention as they walk through the halls.

    Please let me know! I would be happy to put your business card in the program and include your name on the poster for the show.

    1. You can email me at



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