My little corner of creation

I thought it would be nice to showcase my creative space. I spend so much time here and have spent so long getting it to this state. It is great to have somewhere you can disappear to and create, or just geek out over blogs.

My last home office was the porch of my old flat, it was 1.2m square, not ideal for creativity or for the feng shui. But since my son came into the world, we decided to expand on our one bedroom flat and turn it into a end terrace house. and what was going to be a extra bathroom ended up becoming my office due to budget constraints.

I'm not complaining, I ended up with a cool space.

My Neutraface Blocks from House Industries

My favorite Hydro 74 print

The old work horse, the G5 Tower sadly still rockin' CS3

The board of inspiration. If it inspires, it gets pinned!

You would be amazed by how much stuff I have stored in this small space.

The Library, a small selection of my design reference, the rest is still in storage.

The King is always watching.

Designers collect stuff, we can never explain why? we just do.


The board of inspiration up close, there is a little Eric Tan & DKNG.
 Well that's the tour, now leave before I release the hounds.


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