Ninja Munny

This is my first attempt at customising a Munny®. This was part of a work project, all ofthe design team were given a Munny Mini® to do with what pleased. Like I said this was my first attempt at such a thing, and daunted by the amazing Munnys I found on line I was bricking it. I had loads of ideas, a Frank Sinatra one, a Sons of Anarchy one, a Zombie, I had loads of ideas. But like a blank page the blank Munny® is difficult thing to start, in the end i went for a Ninja style, this meant I didnt need to worry too much about the facial details.

The final result isn't bad, considering I did it in an evening before the deadline. And now i'm addicted, I cant wait to do my next one.

This Munny and the other Munnys completed by my colleagues will be on show at Weapon of Choice gallery, Bristol (UK) throughout September.


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